Full Lake (Matches)

£100 per day

Booking of the Full Lake (29 Anglers)

Full Lake – £100 per day

Please Call: 07702 730 902 to Book. Thank you

Availability on the lakes

Fishery Rules

Barbless hooks only (8’s max), no braided line, in-line method feeders only (free running), no bollies, meat, nuts, bloodworm or jokers. No floating baits, no keep nets, ground bait in moderation, 1kg per peg, 2 rods max per peg, no dogs,fires. All anglers must have a landing net, don’t throw unused bait in the ponds, put litter in bin, Children under 16 year ,must me accompanied by a adult, allway keep fish low to the ground when taking photos, release as soon as possible

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